Location, Location, Location: Why Where You Live Matters So Much

It’s perhaps the most well-known real estate mantra: location, location, location. It’s not just a meaningless saying, however. Location really does play a huge role in choosing where to live, whether you’re buying or just renting. In fact, choosing a great location can save you time and money, keep you safer, and make your everyday life easier and perhaps even better. How? I’ll explain.

A good location will reduce your commute. Not only will you have an easier time getting to work if you choose a location that’s close to highways or public transportation, but you’ll also have easier access when you need to go shopping, meet up with friends, or run some errands. This isn’t a small detail. Even a 15 minute difference each way during the week adds up to a whopping two and a half hours by the weekend.

You may be safer. While crimes can happen anywhere at anytime, some areas are simply less crime prone than others. Choosing a place to live where you don’t have to constantly worry about having your car broken into or walking down the block at night can take a load off of your mind. Rents may be higher in these areas, but you won’t have to invest in a security system for your car or a watchdog for your home.

You’ll be near things to do. If you’ve chosen a great location, that probably means that you can walk or take a short drive to nearly everything you need on a daily basis, from banks to grocery stores to restaurants. In urban areas this can be especially important as part of the thrill of living in a big city is being close to the amenities it has to offer.

You’ll enjoy where you live. When you have a shorter commute, you have more free time, and when you live close to things to do, you can use that free time to take advantage of those activities. Smart locations capitalize on both of these things and can make the experience of living in a city or town a much more enjoyable one. When it’s easier to socialize and complete tasks, you’ll have a better quality of life, and there’s not much of a bigger benefit a location can offer than that.