How to Make Your Apartment Attractive to Subletters

Whether you have to suddenly move because you’ve gotten a great job in another city, are moving in with a significant other, or just want to get out of your place, sometimes you need to sublet. Assuming it’s A-OK with your landlord (some states have laws mandating that subletting is allowed regardless, check up on yours), you want to get your new renter squared away as soon as possible so you can start worrying about things like packing and moving. While there’s no guaranteed way to get renters to bite, here are some tips that can help make your place a bit more attractive to anyone looking to find a new place of their own.

Clear out clutter. If you want your place to look roomy and appealing to potential subletters, then you need to do a good spring clean and get rid of any junk or clutter you have lying around. Remove items from countertops and go ahead and donate any furniture or other items you won’t need when you move. This will not only help your place look better, it will also make the process of moving a whole lot easier.

Freshen up. Been living in your place for quite some time? Chances are good that it needs a little freshening up. Touch up the paint, fix anything that is broken, and make sure everything looks as new and nice as possible.

Make sure it’s clean. No one wants to move into a place that’s dirty. Before listing your apartment, give it a cleaning from top to bottom, even addressing parts of the place that you may not regularly clean. You’ll make it more attractive to others and save yourself some grunt work when you move out.

Be savvy about advertising. Most landlords aren’t going to help you find a subletter, so you’re on your own for listing your place and finding someone to take over your lease. Most often, you’ll use a site like Craigslist to do this. In order to place an ad that will draw people in, you’ll need to figure out how to describe all of the positive aspects of your place, be honest about its shortcomings, and take photographs that make it look attractive enough to want to come see.

Offer a discount. Unless you live in an incredibly hot rental market, you’re probably not going to get the full price of your rent from a subletter. You can try asking, but you may need to offer a discount to the rent to make your place more competitive in the market.

Sell your space. Finally, when someone comes to see your place, show it like you’re a real estate agent. You want to sell your space, so show them all of the features of the apartment and before they leave, hand them a paper with the number of your landlord on it so that they can call if interested and sign the paperwork to sublet ASAP.