How to Make Your Apartment More Kid-Friendly

Whether you have kids at your place regularly or are just expecting some pint-sized visitors for a few days this holiday season, there’s no doubt that having kids in a space requires some special design choices. You might need to put away some super breakable items (or stow them somewhere out of reach) or for the long term, create spaces that are functional and comfortable for kids, not just grownups. While each kid will have his or her own interests and likes, here are some general tips to help you create a space that’s welcoming to kids.

Put away things that can easily be broken. Whether the delicate items in your home are expensive or just have sentimental value, they might not be best left where little hands can reach them. Older kids might be fine around some breakables, but younger ones would be safer and you happier with the fragile items put out of the main living areas.

Provide some entertainment. Many kids are easily bored, but heading to a new space with new things to play with and read can keep them entertained for quite some time. Round up some toys and books that are age appropriate for your smaller guests, or even just some crayons and coloring books, to make things more enjoyable for them, too.

Tackle the dangerous stuff. Sharp corners, outlets, and cabinets full of cleaning supplies can all pose a danger to small kids. While you can’t totally kid-proof your place (especially if the kids will only be there for a few days), you can try to eliminate some of the most dangerous aspects of your place so that you and their parents can worry less.

Ask what the kids like. As you would with any guest in your house, if you’re trying to make kids comfy, just ask what they like or need. That way, you can tailor your approach to the individual kid and make everything much more fun for all of you. Plus, the little ones will feel special and everyone deserves a little special attention now and then.

Set boundaries. If you have places you don’t want kids to go or things they shouldn’t get into, let them know from the get-go. It’s not a guarantee they’ll comply, but at least there will be ground rules to work with that are clear and well-defined.