4 Must-Read Quick Furniture Fixes

Even the most careful of us can sometimes stain, nick, or scratch furniture; it's just part of owning it. While not every "oops" has an easy fix, there are many ways to deal with minor issues that can keep your furniture looking good without having to invest in costly refinishing. Curious? Read on to learn some quick and inexpensive furniture fixes you can use around the house.

Cover up scratches with a walnut. Walnuts aren't just delicious; they're also amazing at covering up scratches in your wood furniture (and floors, too). Simply take a shelled nut and rub it on the affected area. The oil in the nut will help to disguise the scratch.

Remove water stains with an iron. Water stains are a result of the liquid seeping into the wood and getting caught between the layers. To drive out the water, place a cotton cloth over the stain and use a dry (make sure there is NO steam) iron to press down on it for several seconds. Simply repeat until the stain is gone.

Fill in shallow chips with nail polish. Did you ding the table and cause it to loose a bit of its varnish? Not to worry. Simply fill it in with a few drops of clear nail polish and sand lightly with a fine grit paper when dry.

Use furniture markers. Furniture markers come in a wide range of colors so there's one out there that matches virtually every piece of furniture. Use these felt-tipped tools to fill in large scratches or to touch up edges where the stain has worn away.