Easy Ways to Rearrange a Room

Living room getting you down? Bedroom seeming a bit more boring than usual? It's time to rearrange! Rearranging your space is not only a great way to clean out those weird underneath spaces and dark corners, it can also help to make your place feel new and fresh again, with just a small amount of effort. Read on to learn some useful tricks for rearranging a space that anyone can use.

Go diagonal. Most rooms are arranged with furniture running along the walls, but you can help break things up and make a space more visually interesting by putting furniture on the diagonal. If you're scared it might be too weird, start with a chair and work your way up to the bigger stuff, like couches and beds.

Put things back to back. If your room has to do double duty, you can help save space by putting items against one another. Think it sounds strange? Consider placing a desk behind a couch, or perhaps a bookcase as a headboard. If you have room, two couches, back to back, can also look pretty great.

Flip it. Give your room a new look by flipping the arrangement. Simply switch everything from one side of the room to the other. You may just discover it looks better that way!

Take something out. Room feeling a bit crowded? Take something out and see how it feels. Sometimes removing just a single, space-hogging item can really open up a room.

Swap between rooms. You don't have to go shopping to get new things for your space. Shop your own apartment! Bring items from one room into another. You may just find new purposes and looks you didn't know you had the furniture to pull off.

Try something unexpected. When it comes to rearranging a room, you really can afford to be adventurous. The worst thing will happen is that you'll have to move it back to how it was, which will give you a bit of a workout but won't hurt you in the least otherwise. So if you have an idea that you think seems crazy, give it a go anyway, it might just work.