8 States Where Rental Laws Favor Landlords

The landlord/tenant relationship can create a wide variety of conflicts, and states have responded by passing laws to govern those disputes. States vary widely on how they choose to resolve landlord tenant issues. Some are more friendly to the tenant, while others are more friendly to the landlord. Before you rent your next apartment, check out these eight states where rental laws favor landlords.

  1. Texas

    Texas has a reputation for being very pro-landlord and not as kind to its tenants. Texas landlords can evict a tenant for not paying rent, and they wield other powerful advantages over the tenant that they can take advantage of with little or no notice. Before renting in Texas, be sure to know your rights so you can protect yourself.

  2. Indiana

    Indiana's rental laws definitely favor landlords rather than tenants. For example, before 2002 it was completely legal for landlords to withhold tenants' security deposits past the standard 45 days. Now, landlords can only be sued for the deposit amount and certain legal fees if they exceed the 45-day due date.

  3. Colorado

    Colorado is known for being very pro-landlord. The rental laws here are strict and have little tolerance for delinquent tenants. In addition, a landlord can enter the property at any time without providing notice to the tenant. Colorado tenants, beware of your landlord making a surprise visit!

  4. Arizona

    Arizona has strict laws regarding noncompliance with rental agreement and nonpayment of rent. For example, if a tenant provides false information on the rental application, Arizona landlords have the right to deliver a written notice to the tenant and terminate the rental agreement within 10 days.

  5. Florida

    One primary reason Florida seems to favor landlords is the lack of rent control laws in Florida. Florida also does not require a written lease, which can sometimes create problems when disputes arise. While recent legislation has been proposed to help better protect tenants, tenants should still be careful before renting in Florida.

  6. Kentucky

    Kentucky handles security deposits a little differently than other states. According to Kentucky rental laws, landlords are allowed to withhold security deposits anywhere from 30 to 60 days, depending on tenant disputes regarding deductions. Other than the states that have no statutory deadline, Kentucky has the longest waiting period for tenants to get their security deposits back.

  7. Georgia

    Georgia courts are the primary reason why the landlord is favored. Regardless of the reason, tenants who do not pay rent typically lose their eviction cases in Georgia courts. That means, if you feel that your rights have been violated in Georgia, chances are you will lose if you take the matter to court. Let's hope Georgian tenants can find a way to reverse this troubling trend.

  8. Mississippi

    Mississippi's favoritism for landlords dates back to the days of segregation, when landlords had much more power. While today legislation has reigned in the landlord's power of their tenants, Mississippi landlords still enjoy a number of benefits, including a requirement that tenants keep the rental premises clean and remove all garbage. While things are much better than they used to be, be on your guard when renting in Mississippi.